Materials Control

Effective Inventory Management

Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is a comprehensive procurement, inventory, and cost control system customized to meet the requirements of the hospitality industry. The solution manages all property inventory, providing essential real-time information on cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements, and bringing efficiencies to daily workflow and food cost management.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data provided by Oracle Hospitality Materials Control enables a variety of analyses, from cost of sales to revenue. Stock on hand, ordering templates, and par lists are also available. Information can be conveniently reviewed by outlet, property, or entire portfolio. Data validity is increased for all departments with an interface to the back-office system. In addition, Oracle Hospitality Materials Control streamlines month-end reconciliation and accounting processes.

Enhanced Operational Workflow

Oracle Hospitality Materials Control streamlines daily processes related to purchasing, supplier and price management, and internal requisitions. To expedite the ordering and receiving process, you can transmit purchase orders directly to suppliers from within the application via e-mail, fax, or a B2B interface. Using the Oracle Hospitality Materials Control web client, you can implement paperless internal requisitions.

Purchase Manager Module

Oracle Hospitality Materials Control offers a Purchase Manager module, which solves today’s complex ordering processes in the hotel industry and other markets. Hotel restaurant managers are constantly placing purchase requests with the purchasing department. The Purchase Manager module enables the purchasing manager to review and approve a single purchase request or combine multiple requests from several food and beverage outlets into a single order.


Oracle Hospitality Materials Control provides flexible authorization workflow functionality, allowing users to define rules for the entire enterprise or for specific cost centers or item groups. Authorization requirements can be set on the article level or on group value limits, and users will receive electronic notifications. During and after the authorization process, the involved users can view who has authorized or rejected the document.

Streamlined Management
Oracle Hospitality preferred inventory management solution for hotels.
Unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency in inventory management.
Fits any type of operation, regardless of size or complexity.
Provides comparison to actual stock usage.
Allows for faster and more accurate transaction processing with mobile solutions for ordering, receiving, transfers, and inventory counts.
A Seamless Solution
Provides real-time data imported directly from the point of sale.
Expedites ordering/receiving processes by transmitting POs from within the application via email to suppliers.
Supports multiple tax schemas, foreign currencies, and translation of master data and the application itself.
Offers an existing report set to analyze transactions with the option to preview, print, email, or export to Microsoft Excel.
Positive Bottom-Line Benefits
Reduces costly food expenses.
Guides management towards making strategic decisions for purchasing inventory.
Controls potential expenses more efficiently with authorization workflow.
Compare prices and impact on planned purchases including supplier assessment with Bid Management.