Opera Property Management System

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management System provides a full-featured, property-management system that enables you to deliver world-class guest service and increase operational efficiency across the property. It provides all the tools that hotel staff require to carry out their jobs—from handling reservations to checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, managing room inventory, accommodating in-house guest needs, and performing accounting and billing functions. Empower your hotel with technology that increases efficiency, maximizes profitability, and enables impeccable guest service.

Consistently Deliver Outstanding Guest Experiences

With its powerful database, Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS enables you to maximize the accuracy of booking and customer data and deliver a personalized guest experience, ensuring that preferences are recorded and that hotel staff can quickly access this information whenever a guest returns to your hotel.

Maximize Revenues with Rate Management

Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS offers complete rate management functionality to hotels, allowing you to adapt your rates to suit your business and the ever-changing circumstances that you operate in. From managing complex negotiated rates in business hotels to apartment-style billing for long stay accommodation, Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS simplifies rate management, ensuring that you can give your revenue teams the very best tools to meet business objectives.

Empower Your Staff

To consistently deliver an outstanding guest experience, you need to give your staff access to systems that perform all day, every day and provide accurate customer and hotel information. Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS is used by thousands of hotels around the world, which means that the employees you hire will be familiar with the application, allowing you to focus more training time on the quality of service rather than on systems.

Increase Efficiency with Fully Integrated Systems

Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS can be integrated with a variety of additional modules and third-party systems to help you achieve operational efficiency and minimize manual administration. From applications for event management and loyalty programs to interoperability with leisure and financial systems, Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS enables you to build an integrated technology infrastructure to support your business.

Profile management
Ability to store comprehensive profile information and handle ID documents with full legal compliance
Automated enforcement of booking rules and schedules and availability control of resources, including item inventory
Automate room allocation and assign least-occupied rooms first using intelligent accommodation management
Transaction- and article-code management, including budget forecast, supported by a variety of financial reports
Large variety of exports and interfaces to diverse back-office systems available
Flexible configuration options
Over 360 standard reports
Distribution and connection options
Built-in rate distribution